Win Bingo Scratch Tickets Contest Instructions

A few things to note about the contest:

"Win BINGO Tkts" App Instructions

Step 1: Watch Our Bingo Scratch TV Spot

Watch the entire Bingo Scratch TV spot, from beginning to end.

Step 2: Complete the entry form

All fields are required, so complete the form and click enter.

Step 3: Success!

You now have one (1) entry into the drawing. You can share the promotion on your wall or, for more entries, you can enter your non-winning Bingo Scratch tickets for additional chances to win.


"Enter BINGO Tkts" App Instructions

Step 1: Complete the entry form

Complete the form including at least one 22-digit number from any of the eligible Bingo Scratch tickets (only non-winning tickets will be accepted) within the "Enter BINGO Tkts" app.

The 22-digit number will be located within the scratched-off area of your Bingo Scratch ticket. Enter up to five tickets at any one time and click enter when you are finished. Each unique 22-digit number equates to one (1) entry into the drawing. If you are having trouble successfully entering your 22-digit number(s), the following tips may help:

Step 2: Success!

Each successfully-entered 22-digit number equals one (1) entry into the drawing. If you have additional tickets to enter you can do so by clicking the "Enter More Tickets" button on the confirmation page or by clicking the "Enter BINGO Tkts" app on the Lottery Facebook page. Good Luck!

Three winners will be chosen on June 26, 2012.
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